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Liz Cheney has been popping up in the news lately—but not for anything good.

She thought she was safe in the GOP while continuing to rail against Trump, saying he has no place in the party. But it looks like she can’t escape the consequences of turning on 45 by voting to impeach him.

For a time, House Republicans refused to punish her for going after Donald. But some think it looks like Cheney is trying to build her entire career on it now.

And House Republicans are getting fed up. Some GOP leaders are saying they are about to take action against this possible RINO if she doesn’t back down. From Daily Wire:

Top allies of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are reportedly planning to oust Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), chairwoman of the House Republican Conference, by the end of the month because she refuses to put the party first while she continues to harp on former President Donald Trump…

“There is no way that Liz will be conference chair by month’s end,” a top McCarthy ally said on Monday. “When there is a vote, it won’t be a long conference; it will be fast. Everyone knows the outcome.”

News is emerging that many lawmakers are getting sick of Liz Cheney’s antics.

At first, it was just her voting for Trump’s second impeachment. A few other Republicans did the same, facing swift backlash back home.

Some of them learned their lessons and got in line. But the daughter of Dick Cheney seems to think she can build her career around attacking the 45th president.

And few Republicans in Congress are happy about it. Some have called her a “big distraction.”

According to reports, Kevin McCarthy and other top leaders are ready to remove Cheney from her seat in the House Republican Conference by the end of this month.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump will continue to play a key role in the party’s future. Many candidates who want to win big in 2022 have sought his support and endorsement.

On top of that, voters still love the guy and are hoping he’ll return to the campaign trail one day.

You’d have to be a fool to dismiss Trump at this point. But not only is Cheney ignoring Trump’s influence, she is deliberately working against him.

What will that get her? Removal from her position of leadership within the House. Plus, she might even lose her re-election in 2022 (to a Republican primary rival).

Can’t imagine why she’d risk all that.

Do you think Liz Cheney’s career in Washington should be over?

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