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A common theory has been circulating for a while now online that the United States was converted decades ago from a Republic into a “Corporation”.

It’s the reason why many believe President Trump will be coming back as the 19th (true) President of the United States of America Republic.

It’s also what people believe President Trump was referring to right before the election when he said something had already been signed that was big….really big.

Many believe he was referencing ending the Rockefeller/Rothschild Central Bank control of the “United States Corporation” and restoring the power of the Republic.

Sound like just an internet conspiracy?

You’ll notice I haven’t covered it much here because there hasn’t been enough concrete facts to report on.

But today General Michael Flynn was asked about it and his reaction and answer was everything!

And so now I am officially reporting on it.

This is big.

And if you’d like more context, you can watch the entire interview in high definition right here.

So what do you think?


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