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President Trump’s team’s recent lawsuit in Wisconsin must be over the target.

Is this why a Madison, Wisconsin Attorney pushed back and threatened Gateway Pundit after our reporting on absentee and ‘indefinitely confined’ ballots in Wisconsin?

A good auditor, inspector, attorney, or investigator knows that the people who scream the loudest often times are the ones who have things to hide. They don’t want you to audit their work because they don’t want to get caught. Is this why Madison, Wisconsin attorney Mike Haas reacted with threats to our post about suspicious absentee and ‘indefinitely confined’ ballots in Dane county? Time will tell.

We shared last week about the absentee and ‘Indefinitely Confined’ (IC) ballots observed during a recount in Dane County held after the 2020 election. Thousands of ballots were observed during the recount which was labeled as IC and absentees that were suspicious.

Thousands of IC votes were observed by recount watchers in Dane County that were in pristine condition rather than being folded or showing any sign of wear and tear. The same was observed in thousands of absentee votes with the initials of ‘MLW’ on them.

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