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What is going on in Washington, D.C. right now?

Admittedly, nothing in D.C. has been “normal” since the Biden Pretendency began, but this is really getting weird.

As always, my friend Richard Citizen Journalist is doing incredible work and posting his videos to Telegram to show the world what is happening in D.C.

And last night was one of the weirdest.

Watch as he goes up and down streets to show them virtually empty….except police cars, vans, trucks and busses EVERYWHERE!

Crawling with police.

They seemed to be centralized outside the Department of the Treasury, which is extremely concerning.

RCJ went right up to them and asked what was going on…

“Is someone robbing the United States Treasury?

You do know you work for the citizens of this country, right?”

No answer.

Just laughing.

Then they flashed their cop lights at him.

Looks like we now live in a police state.

What’s REALLY interesting is Clif High said a few months ago that near the end of April we would see an event with the U.S. Treasury that would take them down and that they could not control.

Starting now?

My friend Bo Polny has been telling us the exact same thing!

I told you on Sunday night that we were entering a week of unprecedented events in the United States an a “suddenly” moment that would change our county forever.

I think you’re now seeing the beginning moments.

Watch here on Telegram:


And if you can’t see that on Telegram, I have a backup.


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