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Republicans have been calling out unnecessary spending by Democrats ever since Joe Biden took office.

The GOP and Conservative citizens see millions and even billions in taxpayer dollars going toward liberal agenda items, and more seems to be coming.

Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has invented another way to spend some of your cash.

When Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh was under fire, he faced accusations from multiple sides.

One of his most prominent accusers was Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who was Kavanaugh’s primary accuser throughout that well-publicized hearing.

Republicans slammed Ford for falsely accusing Kavanaugh, and causing his family needless stress and anxiety.

But it sounds like Pelosi wants to continue to celebrate Ford (via The Daily Wire):

…Pelosi (D-CA) is pushing many projects for federal funding, and one of them is a ‘Courage Museum’ in San Francisco to be established by a group that celebrated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s chief accuser in his nomination hearings, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, giving her a ‘Courage’ award.

The Courage Museum is to be established by a group called ‘Futures Without Violence,’ which is asking for a grant of $1 million.

“Futures Without Violence” is labeled as a “health and social justice organization.” The name alone is bound to annoy Republicans and Conservatives.

But the fact that it contributed to Ford’s celebrity makes it even more problematic.

Blasey Ford spoke at a fundraiser for the group in February 2020, and it came as a surprise to the audience.

They welcomed her warmly, though, and it’s no surprise that the group supports her accusations of Kavanugh, despite Republicans claiming lack of evidence.

Ford said she testified against Kavanaugh because she “owed it to the citizenry of this country.”

But many of those citizens remain very much in doubt concerning her allegations of abuse in high school.

And now, Pelosi wants to give the group that gave her an award $1 million of taxpayer money. It’s not a mountain of cash, but it’s a good chunk.

It probably won’t go over well with many taxpayers, either.

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