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The media, as usual, continue to ignore the many failings of Joe Biden. But his growing weaknesses in front of the mic are getting more obvious.

Some are getting worried that he’s getting worse, not better.

Right now, the Democrat is pushing his radical “infrastructure” bill that will put us in debt by $2 trillion.

Trying to hide the fact that most of that money won’t go to infrastructure, he appeared at an event to talk about some of the money will go to trains.

Critics have called it Joe’s “Train to Nowhere.” And then there’s poor, old Joe’s sad salesmanship of his plan.

From YouTube:

Wow. Embarrassing stumbles like this are almost becoming routine for Sleepy Joe. But they are no less worrying.

Joe, trying to push the billions he wants to spend on trains, mentions a story about a time he was VP under Obama.

(I guess he still thinks mentioning Obama’s name is like a magic spell that will make everyone like him?)

He began to discuss an apparent package Obama asked him to draft to provide funds for a “200 mile an hour” rail.

Then he talks about about a train from Florida to Tampa (news flash: Tampa is in Florida).

But before he could really get into the details, old Joe trails off as he struggles to finish his statement.

In just 30 seconds, he bumbles around, ending up talking about a tunnel in New York.

Now, I’m from New York and I can tell you, there is no 200 mile an hour rail anywhere in the city.

So, what the heck was Joe talking about? It appears he lost track of one story, fumbled around, and tried to recover by talking about something else.

That’s all well and good, if your grandpa does it. But the (supposed) President of the United States?

Not great folks.

How far we’ve fallen. The last president was so sharp, he would run circles around reporters half his age.

Today, we’ve got a guy that can’t even remember something that happened a few years ago.

Do you think Biden is competent enough to be President?

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