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Check out this brand new video from Robin Bullock from June 13, 2021.

Really incredible stuff.

Here are my notes:

TWO shall become none.

A bubbling in the Seven Seas….among Seven Nations….but a falling short. You will not succeed.

Biden has now become Zedecaiah in his harvest.

I gave you space to repent but you would not.

I will now make you a spectacle before the Nations….you and your sons….Bye Bye Biden!

I saw people applaud your leaving.

And I heard: “McConnell you too….in your sleep!”

Arizona….there is a chance, come clean or there will be a cleansing and you are not ready for that.

A stirring in the Mediterranean.

Mount Rushmore is key.

Time has come full circle lacking one minute.

What do you think it all means?

I think two becoming none may mean two two (Biden and Harris) BOTH are gone soon.

And McConnell too, your sleep seems to mean he’s about to

There is so much more in here but I don’t want to summarize it or risk putting my interpretation on it.

You just need to hear it directly from Robin.

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