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This story continues to get wilder by the minute!

Let me recap everything we’ve covered so far in case you’re not up to speed and then scroll down for the newest updates.

Did you see the news today of that giant ship stuck in the Suez Canal?

It was everywhere.

In case you missed it, check this out:

Interesting story I guess, but typically not something I’m covering here on WeLoveTrump.

Except…..for this.

You seriously cannot make this stuff up folks, check this out.

So the ship that got “stuck” is called the H3RC.

Remind you of anything?

HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Or as many of you affectionately refer to her, Hillary Rotten Clinton.

Now here’s where it gets good….

The ship trying to free the H3RC is the “Baraka”.

For real.

Oh, and three ships around it are called the Mosaed (Mossad) 1, 2 and 3.

Are you kidding me?

All true, take a look:

I verified it myself.

From Bloomberg:

The 193-kilometer-long (120 miles) Suez Canal is among the most trafficked waterways in the world, used by oil tankers shipping crude from the Middle East to Europe and North America. About 12% of global trade and 8% of liquefied natural gas pass through the canal, as do around one million barrels of oil each day.

No progress has been made so far in floating the vessel and clearing the canal, the Gulf Agency Company, which provides services including Suez transits, said by email. Images released by the Suez Canal Authority showed the vessel’s hull firmly wedged into a banking. They also depicted efforts by the Baraka 1, one of eight tug boats deployed so far in the rescue, to try and yank the ship free.

The weight of the Ever Given — about 224,000 tons — and small size of the tug boats operated by canal authorities have hampered work so far, according to two people familiar with the situation, who asked not to be identified discussing private details. Ship owners are in talks with SMIT Salvage B.V., which has larger tugs, to assist, indicating that it may take days to clear the canal, one of the people said.

And from VesselFinder, you can verify the H3RC call signal yourself:


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