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There are few happier over the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency than China which is hoping for a return to the good old days of appeasement from the glorious Obama years.

The communist regime in Beijing has been flustered by President Trump’s tough policies, especially in trade, and looks forward to being able to do business as usual with their U.S. corporate partners and corrupt politicians. 

With it likely that the Democrat frontman along with president in waiting Kamala Harris will be installed into the White House, the Chinese government is optimistic that once Trump is gone that his America first policies will be cast out of the swamp as well.

According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Biden will “new window of hope” and that a Democrat administration will “restore normalcy to the bilateral relations and restart cooperation.”

Via The Hill, “Chinese diplomat: US relations at ‘new crossroads'”:

China’s ties with the U.S. are at a “new crossroads” heading into President-elect Joe Biden’s presidency, a senior Chinese diplomat said Saturday.

Wang Yi, China’s state councilor and foreign minister, said in remarks to state media that relations between Washington and Beijing are coming off a period of “unprecedented difficulty” and that recent Trump administration policies have harmed the relationship. However, he said the two countries can “open a new window of hope” and start new negotiations on a slate of contentious issues.

“China-U.S. relations have come to a new crossroads, and a new window of hope is opening,” Wang said. “We hope that the next U.S. administration will return to a sensible approach, resume dialogue with China, restore normalcy to the bilateral relations and restart cooperation.”

“China’s policy toward the United States is consistent and stable,” he added. “We are ready to develop with the United States a relationship based on coordination, cooperation and stability.”

Being that China is a totalitarian county, Foreign Minister Yi’s words would not have been uttered without them being approved at the highest levels of government and Chairman Xi Jinping himself.

President Trump was in cruise control for a second term until the coronavirus “escaped” from China and allowed Democrats, the media, and sports/entertainment industries that are dependent on the Chicoms an opportunity to exploit the disease for political gain.

China has also benefited enormously from the self-inflicted economic damage wrought by Democrats with their lockdowns and a Biden regime would seek to impose another crushing round that will further hamstring the American economy and benefit the red menace.

There is also the matter of the amount of blackmail material held by China over Biden, a small taste of which was revealed on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, a bombshell story that could have altered the election had legacy and social media not implemented Chinese-style censorship measures.

There is also the matter of high-ranking Democrats being compromised by the Chinese blackmail operations including Rep. Eric Swalwell who sits on the powerful House Intelligence Committee and who was shacking up with a Chinese spy; a story that went disappeared faster than the smoke from Hunter’s crackpipe.

A Biden presidency would mark a return to the America last days of Barack Obama and will run up the white flag of surrender to Beijing.

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